Design Verification

  The ICT sector in Palestine continues to grow and has a significant contribution to the GDP.  Out of 2000 students graduating yearly from engineering and science from local universities, more than 400 are graduates of Computer Science (CS) and Computer/Electrical Engineering (CE/EE). However, there are very few hardware companies operating in Palestine, and none […]


WEB2B – Women Empowerment for economic cooperation, is a program sponsored by USAID CMM, where PosiTeam serves as the contractor of LionHeart.  The program promotes women empowerment, while facilitating cross-border economic cooperation through a P2P platform to connect Palestinian and Israeli women in the ICT sector. Given the unique role women play in reconciliation and the […]


Followed by a comprehensive needs assessment, by PosiTeam, of the ICT sector in Palestine, Cisco in partnership with PosiTeam has developed a prestigious program for capacity building for software development companies wishing to appeal to the global market. The program is reserved for leading export oriented companies. The goals of the program are for the […]