Opening doors for Arab engineers

  The Arab population in Israel is 20% of the overall population, yet only 2% of the engineers working in the High-Tech sector in Israel are Arabs. This percentage is even lower in the southern part of Israel. PosiTeam was hired to lead the project of opening doors for Arab engineers in the south. The […]

Kif El Hal

The MaanTech initiative supports the integration of Israeli Arabs into the High-Tech Industry. Four years after ma’antech initiative was started, a need emerged to check how Arab, Druze, and Cherkas  engineers (the “employees”) have integrated in the Israeli Hi-Tech, and to make sure they have the tools to succeed in the industry and advance their career.  It is believed […]

Diversity Icebreaker

As certified users of Diversity Icebreaker (DI), PosiTeam offers dynamic, fun and memorable group learning experience that builds openness, curiosity, mutual understanding and trust.  It supports intercultural and diversity training by avoiding common stereotypes. The DI is a unique concept for communication preferences that creates a simple shared language to explore differences.  It enables people […]