Company Profile


PosiTeam was co-founded in 2010 with the goal to strengthen and ease the way people interact and operate in their work and life environment, by developing and delivering set of practical tools to develop awareness, allow effective communication and interaction, and empower one to dare and lead.

Empowering individuals and adapting a common managerial language within an organization allow the organization to operate more effectively, achieve its goals, and encourage growth and innovation.  PosiTeam offer programs for individuals and all managerial levels in organizations.

PosiTeam value Partnerships.  We look for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to utilize each other’s strengths and deliver programs with greater impact.  With this belief in mind, we also encourage and assist our customers to always build networks and seek partnerships.

While PosiTeam operates in the business arena,but it aims at a greater goal. As we believe that women empowerment, minority integration and cross boarder people and business collaboration are key to a successful and sustainable society, PosiTeam develop and run Capacity Building and Conflict Management and Mitigation programs.