Our Team


Avital Brown

Avital Brown is the co-founder of PosiTeam Consulting and Training. She has been active in the field of training since 1984 in Israel and in North America. Her experience and expertise encompass directing the training development services for a large training vendor, leading a global training department, conducting a company-wide needs assessment, creating a strategic infrastructure for training and learning, and managing local training operations and world-wide customer training within a multi-billion dollar, multi-location High-Tech corporate organization.

Beyond working, Avital loves doing Yoga, reading, writing, travelling and learning new skills. She is an active member of Women Wage Peace. Avital holds a Masters degree in Educational Technology from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada and a Bachelor of Education degree in T.E.S.L (with distinction) from that University.


Tammy Avigdor

Tammy Avigdor is the co-founder of PosiTeam Consulting and Training. Tammy brings to PosiTeam her people skills and her rich experience in managing projects, building teams and managing people.

Tammy has over 24 years of experience in Software Development. In her previous position she was a Senior Software Development Manager at Cisco Systems working on next generation of ACS (Access Control System) product. Working on the development of ACS product, Tammy directly managed three development teams located in four geographical locations. In addition, she managed and was responsible for executing the overall project, which included over 100 engineers worldwide.

While at Cisco, Tammy led many projects, built development team and led them successfully through organizational and business challenges. Years of managing people and projects helped Tammy develop deep insights into managing, leading and motivating people, while sustaining high productivity in complex projects under tight schedule.

Prior to Cisco Tammy worked for InfoGear Technology, a start-up that was acquired by Cisco in 2000. Tammy was part of InfoGear’s core team as a senior software development manager. In addition she managed the company’s system administration.

Tammy gained a lot of experience in software development working in different operating systems environments, different programming languages and various databases, specializing in server-based products, performance optimization and scalability.

Apart from working, Tammy loves practicing Yoga, reading, watching movies, sailing, travelling and cooking. She is an active member of Women Wage Peace.  Tammy holds a BSc. degree (Cum Laude) in Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.