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Needs Assessment

Define the process, retrieve the information, identify the challenges & recommend a solution. 
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 Tamkeen.Net / Kif El Hal Opening doors for Arab engineersDesign Verification

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Capacity Building Program

Using holistic approach, based on best practices and hands-on methodology

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Diversity in action

Encourage diversity and enable it

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Women Empowerment

Inspire, motivate and equip with tools

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Connecting people

Develop a suitable network and sustain it (or keep it going)

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Connecting Businesses

Identify and connect cross-border businesses

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Leadership and Management workshops

Innovative, hands-on experience based on best-practices

Related programs:  Tamkeen.Net / ATLINK  / WEB2B / Women empowerment @ MCTCSharakeHTech / Diversity Icebreaker

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Consulting and Coaching

Individual work on awareness and implementation

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