Following an in-depth needs assessment, conducted by PosiTeam for Cisco company as part of Ma’antech initiative, it was concluded that there is a need to build a strong network of Arab engineers working in the High-Tech sector in Israel. Although, the Arab society in Israel is 20% of the overall population, less that 3% of the employees are working in the High-Tech in Israel are Arabs. In addition to increasing the number of Arab engineers working in the sector, it is required to strengthen the employees, motivate them to advance their career, and expose managers to the potential of this population and the challenges they face, in order to encourage diversity.
AT-Link, a forum of Arab engineers working in the High-Tech was established by PosiTeam in partnership with Cisco and ITWorks. The forum allows employees to meet, discuss common challenges at work and will equip them with tools to address these challenges and advance their career in the High-Tech. The forum is led by a steering committee of Arab engineers. The steering committee planned and organized monthly events for the AT-Link members. The events included: Networking, Soft skills enrichment, round tables with managers and Technical Enrichment.