Design Verification



The ICT sector in Palestine continues to grow and has a significant contribution to the GDP.  Out of 2000 students graduating yearly from engineering and science from local universities, more than 400 are graduates of Computer Science (CS) and Computer/Electrical Engineering (CE/EE). However, there are very few hardware companies operating in Palestine, and none in the field of semiconductors. Thus, graduates from electrical, electronics, and computer engineering hardly have any job opportunities available as hardware engineers.

Meanwhile, many semiconductor companies operating in Israel are facing a shortage of DV engineers, and are looking for alternatives ways to find high quality engineers and reduce cost.

Laying the foundation for Palestinian companies to provide Design Verification services could open job opportunities for CS and CE/EE engineers, as well as, build a niche offering of high-value services. In parallel, this could provide worthwhile alternative resources of DV engineers for the semiconductor industry in Israel.

The goal of the Design Verification initiative was to put the foundation and build the eco-system that would allow Palestinians to offer DV services and other services to semiconductor companies operating in Israel and worldwide.

PosiTeam, conducted needs assessment study to evaluate the feasibility of this initiative.  PosiTeam met with many companies that are part of this eco-system, verified the concept, and connected businesses to further develop the initiative.