Kif El Hal

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The MaanTech initiative supports the integration of Israeli Arabs into the High-Tech Industry. Four years after ma’antech initiative was started, a need emerged to check how Arab, Druze, and Cherkas  engineers (the “employees) have integrated in the Israeli Hi-Tech, and to make sure they have the tools to succeed in the industry and advance their career.  It is believed that successful integration of the employees will leverage the absorption of many others, and encourage more employees to join the industry.

Kif El al (What’s Up) needs assessment project which started in 2015 had two main goals.  The first goal was to assess the level of integration in the work place and identify common needs and challenges employees face and could be addressed by ma’antech initiative.  The second goal was to establish a designated forum for the employees, one which will address common needs and challenges, and will help increase the numbers of employees in the High-Tech.

The data for the research was collected using questionnaires directed to the employees, to direct managers of the employees and to mentors who helped employees to get into the High-Tech.  107 employees responded, 22 managers and 15 mentors.

The research paper with the findings, and the conclusions was submitted to ma’antech stakeholders.  It reinforced the need to form a dedicated forum for the employees, and   highlighted the topics the forum should focus on.