Opening doors for Arab engineers

open door


The Arab population in Israel is 20% of the overall population, yet only 2% of the engineers working in the High-Tech sector in Israel are Arabs. This percentage is even lower in the southern part of Israel. PosiTeam was hired to lead the project of opening doors for Arab engineers in the south. The idea was to establish connection with High-Tech companies in the south and work with them to increase the number of Arab engineers working for their companies. In addition to expanding the network of companies involved in the program, the focus was on identifying barriers in hiring Arab engineers and overcoming these barriers by working closely with the employers. As part of this process, a method of round tables was implemented; managers were meeting with Arab engineers to discuss challenges the engineers face trying to get into the companies and challenges they face at work. Together, they brainstormed ideas to overcome these challenges. Furthermore, the managers had an opportunity to be exposed to the potential of the Arab engineers. This is an example of diversity in action, where managers have the opportunity to talk with Arab engineers versus talking, in a so-called diversity seminars, about them.

As part of this program, PosiTeam organized meetups in Be’er Sheva, which aimed at connecting people, ¬†Arab and Jewish students and fresh graduates together with managers and entrepreneurs from the high-tech community to discuss alternative career tracks in the high-tech, and look into their advantages and disadvantages. The direct face-to face interaction between Jewish and Arab engineers and managers discussing common challenges and ideas was beneficial for all, and helped highlighting the value of diversity.